Current design

Using input gathered throughout the year from the community, City Council, the Advisory Committee, and the Design Committee, we developed an alternative that blended elements from the early “land bridge” and “promenade” design concepts.

Based on community feedback, the project team updated the design to minimize environmental impacts, reduce cost where possible, and reduce impacts to the beach and parking lot. The hybrid design alternative:

  • Creates a new, raised plaza at the landing, improving access between the restroom and the beach
  • Reduces the visual impact of the supporting columns to the extent possible
  • Substantially decreases the width of the section directly over the railroad tracks
  • Moves the bridge footprint closer to the railroad tracks
  • Eliminates the cantilevered overlook to the north
  • Moves the parking lot cul-de-sac somewhat further to the south

Please note these designs are subject to change and reflect approximately 15% design.

Did you know…?

In addition to engaging the community as the project evolves, the project also has a technical design charrette group and an Advisory Committee.

Advisory Committee Members Represent:

  • Edmonds residents
  • City of Edmonds
  • Community Transit
  • BNSF Railway
  • Port of Edmonds
  • Sound Transit
  • Washington State Department of Transportation
  • Washington State Ferries

Design Charrette Members Represent:

  • Edmonds Economic Development and Community Services
  • Edmonds Parks, Recreation and Cultural Services
  • Edmonds Police Department
  • Edmonds Public Works
  • South Snohomish County Fire and Rescue
  • Washington State Department of Transportation
  • Washington State Ferries
  • BNSF Railway

Evaluation criteria

As we continue to evaluate options, we want to make sure we’re appropriately balancing tradeoffs and considering everything that is important to you.

The project team used the following criteria to evaluate design alternatives:

Reliable emergency access
Maneuverability of the overpass by emergency vehicles both to and from the waterfront

Landing experience
Changes to Brackett’s Landing North (e.g. restroom location, parking lot configuration)

Sustainability (e.g. construction materials, mitigation) and impacts to sensitive areas (e.g. marine sanctuary, dive park)

Overall look and feel of structure (e.g. distinctive, subtle)

Pedestrian user experience
What people will be able to do and see as they walk (e.g. seating, view, slope)

Bicycle user experience
What bicycle riders will experience (e.g. slope and corridor connections)

Construction and ongoing operations and maintenance costs

Neighborhood compatibility
How the bridge fits into the look and feel of the neighborhood