Evaluation Criteria

In the coming months, the project team will be narrowing down major design features of the Connector. As we begin to evaluate options, we want to make sure we're appropriately balancing tradeoffs and considering everything that is important to you. Stay tuned for future feedback opportunities. 

We’ll be narrowing down design concepts for the Waterfront Connector by considering the following criteria:

Tree and park bench icon

Landing experience

Changes to Bracketts Land North (e.g. restroom location, parking lot configuration)

Water icon


Sustainability (e.g. construction materials, mitigation) and impacts to sensitive areas (e.g. marine sanctuary, dive park)

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Overall look and feel of structure (e.g. distinctive, subtle)

Ambulance icon

Reliable emergency access

Maneuverability of overpass for emergency vehicles both to and from the waterfront

Pedestrian icon

Pedestrian user experience

What people will be able to do and see as they walk (e.g. seating, view, slope)

Bicyclist icon

Bicycle user experience

What bicycle riders will experience (e.g. slope and corridor connections)

Cash icon


Construction and ongoing operations and maintenance costs


Neighborhood compatibility

How the bridge fits into the look and feel of the neighborhood

Do you feel like there's anything else we should think of during early design? Let us know! Use the space at the bottom of this page to take notes as you go. Then, visit the General Comments station before you leave to submit your feedback.