Why Edmonds Street?

The City and community looked at dozens of options, or alternatives, to address the issue of waterfront emergency access – one option was the Edmonds Street Waterfront Connector. When assessing the feasibility of all options, we looked at the cost to plan, design, permit, and construct the alternative. We also evaluated how well the option solved the original problem.

Following 14-months of study and many conversations with community stakeholders, the Edmonds Street Waterfront Connector alternative emerged as the:

  • Most feasible: It is the most do-able given all other factors such as availability of land to build
  • Most affordable for the city: Cost is lowest to the city and tax payers given all funding opportunities
  • Most appropriate: It best solves the problem for the longest period of time

For more details on the full analysis, we invite you to read more about the project history.

Additional benefits of the Edmonds Street location include:

  • Provides superior access for emergency response due to its proximity to fire and emergency medical services
  • Enhances walkability to and from the waterfront for neighborhoods to the east and north
  • Best services Washington State Ferries future plans by eliminating the need for any future megaproject elsewhere on the waterfront to separate ferry traffic and rail traffic
  • Creates an unbroken pedestrian trail from the north end of Sunset Avenue to Marina Beach Park

A sense of place – respecting our marine habitat

The Edmonds waterfront is not only a hub for businesses and ferry transportation – it is also home to a world-class underwater dive park, marine sanctuary, and beach that are visited and enjoyed by people from around the region. With this in mind, we are designing a bridge that will create opportunities to enjoy the view, preserve access to the beach, minimize impacts to the beach environment, and incorporate art and design that complements the unique sense of place.

While it is much too early to know details for construction, we are committed to minimize and mitigate impacts to the marine environment. A full environmental impacts assessment is underway that will inform the final design and guide our construction approach.

When complete, the Waterfront Connector is expected to have minimal impact on the dive park, beach, or marine ecosystem. The city plans to work with the dive park users in advance of construction and will acquire the required environmental permits to responsibly build in this area.

Art inspiration

The architecture and art for the Waterfront Connector will bring forward design elements from the existing waterfront and park highlighting its unique context. The overarching inspiration focuses on natural and cultural contexts and identifies multiple approaches for a highly-integrated expression of art and architecture.

The goal is to celebrate the sense of place and belonging and for the artistic elements to contribute to the functional ease of accessing the waterfront, to instill a sense of reverence for place and the cultural significance of the Edmonds Waterfront.